What is Brand?

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Our modern world has a lot of marketing jargon and buzz words. We often use them without realising what they are or understanding the theory behind the concepts. This can lead to misunderstandings and awkward situations!

In this crash course, we'll explain the basics of branding, marketing, and their importance for customers and companies. This will help you to have a solid grasp of the fundamentals of branding to avoid misunderstandings in meetings and everyday speech.

Skills you gain

After completing the Micro Course, you are able to:

  • understand what is a brand
  • know different types of brand
  • recognize brand evolution, elements, and identity
  • distinguish the product and brand
  • understand brand importance for customers and companies
  • recognize brand power
  • know what can be a brand

About this Micro Course

  • Target group: employees, managers, directors, expatriates, higher authorities, university teachers and students, entrepreneurs, professionals, companies, and organizations
  • Field of study: International Business
  • Level: intermediate
  • Requirements: no requirements
  • Course workload: 5 hours
  • Assessment: on the scale Pass/Fail
  • Language: English
  • Video transcript: English

This Micro Course includes practical steps to follow with videos, links, activating tasks, and quizzes.

About the instructor

Dr. Arup Barua, BBA, MBA, Ph.D. Certified Professional Teacher with expertise in International Business and Marketing.

Achieving a certificate

The Micro Course is assessed on the scale Pass/Fail. Receiving a certificate via email requires completing all mandatory activities, and at least 50% of them correctly.

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