Easy Graphics with Illustrator

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If you want to learn vector graphics with Adobe Illustrator, you have found the right place. No matter if you already are a designer or you totally lack a visual eye – this is the course for you!

During this course, we learn to create amazing flat design vector portraits and landscapes. You'll get familiar with the easy workflow to produce unique self-made graphics with the help of images. And on top of that, you become familiar with vector graphics, Adobe Illustrator and its tools.

Skills you gain

After completing the course, you are familiar with the basics of vector graphics, software and the tools. Moreover, you are able to: 

  • Use Adobe Illustrator to create unique, self-made flat design graphics.
  • Create graphics for different products for online publication and print.
  • Produce the graphics with the easy workflow.
  • Learn about the colors, resolution and file formats on the way.

About this Micro Course

  • Target group: People working in graphic design related/oriented fields, anyone interested in graphic design as a hobby, people searching for new tools to produce graphics
  • Field of study: Graphic Design, Game Design, ICT, Visual Arts
  • Level: Basic
  • Requirements: Basic computer skills, Adobe Illustrator software 
  • Course workload: 10 hours
  • Assessment: on the scale Pass/Fail 
  • Language: English
  • Video transcript: Yes

This Micro Course includes practical steps to follow with videos, links, readable lessons and quizzes.

About the instructor

Your instructor is Miia Liukkonen. Miia is interested in UI/UX and graphic design and overall topics about web development. She is currently working as a senior lecturer at South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences. 

Achieving a certificate

The Micro Course is assessed on the scale Pass/Fail. Receiving a certificate via email requires completing all mandatory activities, and at least 50% of them correctly.

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