Save the World: The Sharing Economy in Practice

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The twenty-first century is the time of the sharing economy. It has become a unique way to perceive personal services, transport, accommodation, media and entertainment industries. This course offers an introduction to the sharing economy and explores the benefits it delivers to us in practice. It impacts distinctively not only on economies and businesses but revolutionises the way we consume. Consumer faces a new innovative range of opportunities with the growth of sharing economy. Industries are challenged to provide an excellent consumer experience. The course triggers changes in consumer behaviour and focuses on the disruption of the customer experience. The emergence of the sharing economy dares the traditional way of doing business and creates a niche for new business models available for anyone. The aim is to provide tips for adopting a new role, that of the service provider. 

Skills you gain

This course gives you skills and tools to do the following things:

  • Describe in practice the benefits of sharing.
  • Practice your new skills on how to reuse home textiles, clothes, furniture and household items.
  • Start exploring your new skills by setting up a sharing point.
  • Enjoy your new creativity!

About this Micro Course

  • Target group: urban population
  • Field of study: practical economics
  • Level: beginner
  • Requirements: no requirements
  • Course workload: 10 hours
  • Assessment: on the scale Pass/Fail
  • Language: English
  • Video transcript: none

This Micro Course includes practical steps to follow with videos, links, activating tasks and quizzes.

About the instructor

Slaveya Hamalainen, MSc in English Philology and Cultural Anthropology, MBA in Economics and International Trade. Previously a Total Quality Manager at a paper mill. A devoted senior lecturer in English and Business in English with over 15 years of experience teaching students from various social and cultural backgrounds. Interested in studying and employing new technology and ideas into practice, work and life and aspiring to help people save the world for future generations.

Achieving a certificate

The Micro Course is assessed on the scale Pass/Fail. Receiving a certificate via email requires completing all mandatory activities, and at least 50% of them correctly.

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