Basics of Virtual Tourism

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This course provides you with basic information on virtual tourism and the opportunities it provides to the industry. You will learn what kinds of solutions have been used in the tourism business in Finland. With the help of our tips, you will be able to utilize these solutions in your own business and create a digital customer journey which helps your business to thrive.

Skills you gain

This course gives you skills and tools to answer the following questions:

  • What is virtual tourism ?
  • What are the possibilities and benefits of virtuality ?
  • What kinds of solutions have been used in tourism industry in Finland?
  • What is a digital customer journey and why it is important?

About this Micro Course

  • Target group: Entrepreneurs, organizations,
    students or workers in the field of tourism and service
  • Field of study: Tourism and service business
  • Level: Basic
  • Requirements: None
  • Course workload: 10 hours
  • Assessment: on the scale Pass/Fail
  • Language: English
  • Video transcript: None

This Micro Course includes practical steps to follow with videos, links, activating tasks and quizzes.

About the instructors

Your instructors are:

Marjut Kasper, Senior lecturer of tourism and hospitality management at the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences

Anne-Mari Behm, specialist of internationalization and learning technology in Samiedu, with the focus on virtuality in tourism business.

This course is produced by Exporting Expertise and Know-how from South-Savo project. This project is implemented in co-operation between three educational institutions in the region (Xamk, Esedu, and SAMIedu). The project is funded by South Savo Regional Council from the European Regional Development Fund for the period 2019-2021. One of the goals of the project is to develop export cooperation between educational, research and development organizations in the South Savo region.

Achieving a certificate

The Micro Course is assessed on the scale Pass/Fail. Receiving a certificate via email requires completing all mandatory activities, and at least 50% of them correctly.

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