Basics of 5G MOOC

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Free online course - Learn the basics of 5G!

During this MOOC (Massive Open Online Course) you will get a comprehensive look into 5G, its development and its applications.

You will learn for example about the current state of 5G, cyber security concerning 5G and how 5G and IoT, VR and XR affect each other. In addition we will briefly grasp on the next steps of tech by learning a bit about 6G.

Basics of 5G MOOC is built from 12 modules with pedagogical content and each of them contains

  • a welcome video,
  • a short introduction video,
  • an optional full lecture,
  • key points of the theme and
  • a mandatory activating exercise.

We advise you to go through them in the order they are listed on the content page. This way you'll start with the basics and move along to the more challenging topics. If you have interest in watching the optional full lectures, their slides can be found on the last module.

The workload of this MOOC is around 50 hours, depending on your previous knowledge and understanding of technology and its aspects.

After completing the course you have a opportunity to purchase a course certificate, EUR 89.


If you have any questions regarding the course material or the pedagogical content, you can send them to We aim to answer you within a week.

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