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Climate Hero: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

"The course is well-thought and engaging, thanks for creating it!"

Diana, Russia

Climate Hero: Reduce Your Carbon Footprint!

“I really liked the course! So much so that I’ll come back to the links again, read it in English. I recently completed a course on ecology from St. Petersburg State University, which said that climate change is not a global problem, but a natural process. Now, seeing all the data and sources, I understand how Russian education is out of step with the times."

Valentina, Russia

How to Improve Nutrition to Support Strength and Endurance Training

"Very good course. I didn't know all the vocabulary, so it was also nice to learn some English at the same."

Aki, Finland

The Critical Basics of All Strength Training

"I learned new things, was definitely worth my time. I liked the inclusion of the "coaching aspect", true to its' name the course also stuck to the basics and made me want to learn more."

Niko, Finland

The Critical Basics of All Strength Training

"The course was what I expected. I learned a lot of new things but there also were stuff that I already knew. The course made me more aware of my previous knowledge and supported that even more and I'm thankful for that."

Sofia, Finland

The Story of Edufication

Edufication = Education + Finland + Modification

Edufication is an educational production house that bridges the expertise of Finnish universities and other higher education institutions with the needs of learners, companies, institutions, and businesses.

We modify Finnish excellence, knowledge, skills, and experience into an educational product. Edufication was born out of a passion for offering the best of the Finnish education system. We believe in the power of Micro Learning and unlocking its potential for everyone in our fast-paced, digital world. Made in Finland, by Xamk (https://xamk.fi).